Gemma Jiang

Dr. Gemma Jiang is the founding director of the Organizational Innovation Lab at Swanson School of Engineering at University of Pittsburgh, and the founding host of the Pitt u.lab hub. She is Co-PI on the NSF-GCR Circular Economy project. Prior to that, she was the postdoctoral researcher on the NSF IUSE/PFE: RED and the NSF NRT/DESE at Clemson University. She holds a PhD degree in Educational Leadership from Clemson University. 

As a complexity scholar and practitioner, Dr. Jiang is committed to bridging the “knowing-doing” gap by building capacity for addressing complex social challenges. Her research is focused on creating enabling conditions for convergence research to happen.  She serves as the developmental evaluator on convergence teams, where she utilizes complexity leadership as the theoretical framework, and network analysis as the research methods. In addition to modeling the evolution of team networks, she also consults with the project team on improving team processes and facilitates team activities. 

Gemma lives on Lake Hartwell, SC with her husband Captain Roger, and their pup Miss Sadie. She enjoys taking walks in the woods with Sadie, watching the birds flocking and fish schooling with Roger. Gemma is proud to be part of several global communities leading systemic change, including u.lab of MIT, Complexity University and Cognitive Edge.

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