Three Complexity Principles for Convergence Research

Gemma just had a blog post published over at Integration and Implementation Insights (i2Insights)! i2Insights is a premier platform for researchers in team science, and Gemma’s post describes her experiences facilitating our team’s convergence. In the post she addresses questions like: How can principles adapted from complexity thinking be applied to convergence research? And: How… Read More

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Dr. Callie Babbitt Featured on Sustainabro Podcast

Dr. Callie Babbitt was recently featured on the Sustainabro podcast where she discussed a variety of topics — waste, design, industrial ecology, and life-cycle assessment, just to name a few. She even describes how she first got interested in chemical engineering, and how her experiences as a chemical engineer at her hometown’s paper mill ultimately… Read More

C-Circle: Powering Research Ideation Cycles

The role of ā€œdevelopmental evaluationā€ feels very much like consulting. I collect data to get a read on the team, mirror my thoughts back to the team, and offer developmental suggestions.

Complexity Science and Convergence Research: A Match Made in Heaven?

My recent experience organizing and participating in NSF Convergence Accelerator future topic selection workshops gave me great food for thought. Combining my experience as the developmental evaluator for the NSF-GCR circular economy project, I cannot help but think that complexity science and convergence research are a match made in heaven. As a complexity leadership scholar and practitioner, I am interested in applying principles and practices of complexity in accelerating convergence research. Below are my initial musings.


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