Leading Indicators: Creating Enabling Conditions for Convergence Research

This is Part VI of a series in which Gemma explores what happens When Complexity Science Meets Convergence Research. Read Part V here.

So far we have collected two snapshots of the team’s social networks: in February and in August. Results from the social network data reveal information on the health of the team, just as results from a person’s annual physical exam reveal information about the person’s physical health. Here is the result in a nutshell: The social connectivity has greatly improved over the course of six months, but still sub-communities tend to cluster around disciplines.

A good doctor not only cares about statistics about your body in the past, which are lagging indicators, but also points you towards pathways to improve those statistics in the future — leading indicators. Similarly, I am much more interested in the question “How might we create enabling conditions for the team to converge?”

Below are two new initiatives we will launch in response to the team consultation on the results from the network data. I would like to thank the whole team for their generous contribution and insightful feedback during our team meeting where we shared the results and had in-depth conversations on how to move forward.

Read more about our team’s new initiatives here.

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